Fixed Energy Purchasing

Achieve greater budgetary certainty

Fix your electricity costs to avoid market volatility
with a made-to-measure fixed contract

In an uncertain market, we recognise that being able to budget effectively for essential overheads is an important consideration for many businesses. That’s why we offer customers the ability to fix energy costs at an agreed rate, leaving you free to budget confidently against your consumption.

Certainty of both commodity – and non-commodity – costs

As the wholesale power market continues to be volatile, our Fixed: Certainty product provides your business with more control of electricity budgeting, whether you consume via Half Hourly or Non-Half-Hourly meters or a mixture of both.

Unlike many other fixed contracts on the market, Fixed: Certainty not only fixes electricity commodity costs, it also fixes many of the variable non-commodity costs that make up an increasingly large share of your bill. These include the government’s Feed in Tariff and Renewables Obligation, as well as National Grid charges for system use, transmission and distribution. Once fixed, these costs are guaranteed – so there is no chance of any later reconciliation and the price you see is the price you pay.

How does Fixed: Certainty work?

We assess your business needs and site portfolio, so that we understand your priorities in managing your power purchasing, then tailor your Fixed: Certainty contract to include key features best suited to your requirements.

You then choose the length of your contract and your payment method:

  1. For Half-Hourly meters, choose a multi-rate tariff, which is demand weighted and based on your consumption profile, or a simple fixed tariff, depending on your priorities.
  2. Half-Hourly charging structures can be seasonally reflective, or if you prefer, the unit price can be set throughout the year to give you extra stability.
  3. You only need to make one purchasing decision for the full length of your contract, and then the unit price(s) is fixed for the full duration.
  4. Renewal is straightforward; you can opt for automatic Renewal or negotiate the next contract phase with us directly.

Complete transparency guaranteed

Once you’ve agreed your contract, you’ll clearly see the costs you pay. For non-commodity costs, these are also plainly detailed – with fixed element costs guaranteed for the contract duration. Some costs are still charged as a pass-through basis, such as the Climate Change Levy or Renewable Charge and Fossil Fuel Levy, as applicable to individual businesses. But these are also clearly stated, creating complete transparency from the outset.



Fixed Energy Purchasing

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