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A real chance to explore renewable energy A real chance to explore renewable energy

A real chance to explore renewable energy

We'll help you to make renewable energy a hot topic for KS2 using real examples of wind power generation. Through a range of Geography, Design & Technology, Literacy, Art & Design, ICT, Science, and PSHE activities your KS2 students can explore and get to grips with an issue that has enormous relevance for their future:


Sharpen your students' geography skills as they collect evidence for the location of a wind farm and probe the geography of the area. Drawing on secondary sources of information they will examine the short and long term impact on both place and environment and find out how the environment can be managed sustainably.


A scientific examination of the impact that forces and motion have on structures and the construction of a wind turbine. These activities are designed to develop scientific skills and promote a greater understanding of renewable energy sources.

Power distribution

Focusing on Numeracy and ICT, these activities relate to the amount of electricity produced by the offshore wind farm and distributed to homes, schools and businesses on the mainland. This helps to develop students understanding of processing, representing and interpreting data; then using, applying and communicating what it tells us. They will also look at collecting, entering and evaluating information and how that information can be exchanged and shared.

The message

Through the PHSE and Citizenship curriculum these activities investigate current thinking about renewable energy. Opportunities for students to play their own part in promoting sustainable energy and developing their skills in enquiry and communication are focused on.


Come and visit our working power stations

See if your school is nearer to our power stations and book a visit for upper KS2 pupils and older

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